Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chapter 6: A Continuation

“This needs to stop.”

“I’m sorry Alfonzo, but I couldn’t sit there and tell her the whole story when she let that zombie obsessed friend of hers tag along! So… I panicked.”

“OK, but this time, there will be no mistakes, Luke. She has to know.”

“Consider it done.”


McKenna was definitely going to hit below her 22/7 happiness meter today. “Alright, Zombie, let’s go work on that stinkin’ project.”

Greg held his hands up to slow down McKenna before she trampled his mother’s prize winning pansies. “Hold up, buttercup! I would really like to hear some answers. First of all, don’t squish those flowers. Second of all, who was that dodgy character under that willow tree? Are you seeing someone? Are you involved in a drug deal? Oh, McKenna and I always thought you were a happy person, you don’t need to--"

“Greg. I’m not doing drugs. Nor am I dating someone. I’d give you the answers if I had them, but I don’t. So, let’s move on, OK?” She slipped off her shoes and followed behind Greg to their usual meeting spot--the kitchen. McKenna decided it was time to change the subject. “What do you think we should do our project about?”

“Probably something to do with history.” Greg responded with a shrug as he pulled open his refrigerator and came out with a massive plate of deviled eggs.

McKenna picked up a deviled egg and declared “Alright, history it is.”

“Thank goodness the hard part is done.” Greg popped his third deviled egg into his mouth and opened his notebook. “Now let’s start on this outline.”


Three snow cones, eight zombie jokes, and one outline later, McKenna was finally allowed to go home. She made it just in time for a healthy dinner of garden pasta alfredo with fresh zucchini on the side. Dang, she really could have gone for a juicy steak tonight. At least the power was still on.

As she climbed the stairs to her room she began to reflect on the ridiculous events of the day. To think I woke up this morning worrying about the fact that my alarm clock didn’t go off. Wow, has my outlook changed. Now it’s possible that my life is involved in some murder mystery or possible drug deal or who knows what else! Ok, now she was letting her imagination run away from her. As she sat down on her bed and came back to reality she heard her mom’s voice from the stairwell.


“Coming!” She hopped off her bed and pulled open the door, “What’s up, Mom?”

“I totally forgot to tell you,” Lisa looked down at their phone messages notepad she was holding, “Luke called today, he said to tell you sorry that he had to cut your meeting at the willow tree short, but he needs to continue to discuss the project with you. He was hoping that tomorrow you would meet him at 7:00, sharp.”

This is about when McKenna started hyperventilating.

Lisa turned the notepad to clearly read her cramped handwriting. “He said that you could meet at his house. I’m trying to read what it says here… um, 739 Wind Stone Road, do you know where that is, McKenna?”

McKenna slid down to a sitting position on the stairs. “I think I can find it, Mom. Thanks for the message.”

“No problem, darling! I’m going to go finish my show, remember lights turn off at midnight!” Lisa returned to her living room oblivious to the state she left her daughter in.

McKenna wandered aimlessly back to her room and collapsed on her bed. Would this ever end? Would she ever get her answers? And most importantly, why did she find this Luke fellow so terrifying, yet so attractive?


  1. You guys are doing a great job! Can't wait to see where it goes from here...

  2. I am so enthralled in this story.

  3. Oh My goodness!!! This is amazing!!! Please write more! Who's writing this by the way?

  4. I wish I had a copy of the book :)